Vulnerably Vibrant

Armed with vulnerability. Alive with vibrance.


Message. Music. Movement.


Hello and welcome!

Here we are - The big launch of Vulnerably Vibrant - a business ministry with a mission to serve others through message, music, and movement.

I am embarking on a 30 day - to life - journey with the goal of introducing the Vulnerably Vibrant cause, building a community, rallying support, and raising funds to pay for Revelation Wellness® certification and start-up expenses.

The campaign runs from Wednesday July 18 to Thursday August 16 - and I personally invite you to join! I will be sharing in-depth blog writings, going live on social media, and keeping you in-the-know throughout the whole campaign. 

Will you please consider helping us raise $5000 to spread the Vulnerably Vibrant message?

This is a HUGE leap of faith and an undertaking I cannot do alone. I hope you will choose to support however you feel lead and I whole heartedly believe - if we each play a small part - together we can make BIG things happen!
Scroll down to learn more about our vision to inspire others to be armed with vulnerability and alive with vibrance.
And how you can make a difference. 


Let's Get Started!


Mission: Serve others with the message of God, music from the soul, and movement of the body.

Vision: Inspire others to be armed with vulnerability and alive with holy vibrance.

Who Am I?

A child of the King. A singer songwriter. A wellness professional. And passionate about all three! I am Alexa Kriss. A small town Nebraska girl living in KC just trying to live - despite the struggles and wounds - a life worthy of my calling. I believe it’s my purpose to do that by serving others with my passions in vulnerability and vibrance. I have been singing and making music almost all of my life and started performing professionally over 10 years ago. I have been featured on National TV, toured the country, worked and recorded with top names in the music industry, and over the years have developed a ton of music and entrepreneurial experience. I have a degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in wellness and nutrition - I even sprinted for the UNK track team. Go Lopers! Most recently I received hands on experience working as a rehabilitation specialist helping others feel better through corrective exercise. Through all of this, my research, and personal experience, I’ve developed a huge love for natural and holistic wellness using things like movement, nutrition, mindset, essential oils, and home remedies. I am passionate about music, wellness, and the message of God’s Word - an integral part of my own journey to freedom - and I am excited to finally bring it all together and share it with you.


This is so exciting, but what's the fundraising for?

I am truly launching a business ministry, and just like any business start-up, it costs lots of money. I am extremely fortunate to have a lot of expenses already covered, but one VERY important thing is missing. Ministry leadership training.


Revelation Wellness®

Enter, Revelation Wellness® - a non-profit ministry founded by Alisa Keeton dedicated to educating and inspiring people to live healthy and whole lives in Christ so we can love others well. I am called to Revelation Wellness because it is ministry leadership training through the platform of fitness and wellness - movement. And we believe something powerful happens when we move together and listen to Truth. It's not about the fitness.  It's about freedom.

How much more perfectly could our ministries align!


So why join me on this journey?

By coming alongside and supporting the Vulnerably Vibrant cause, you’ll not only get access to:

  • valuable life tools

  • exclusive offers

  • positive entertainment and community

  • and the on-goings of an exciting new business ministry

but, YOUR support makes a difference! 

You’ll also help equip me to inspire and reach more and more people with life transforming message, music, and movement - help others be armed with vulnerability and alive with holy vibrance. 

To show my appreciation for you generous donation and support, I will be sending each and every one of you a custom audio or video thank you note right to your inbox. My way of saying thank you! 


What makes the Vulnerably Vibrant cause different?

Instead of just sharing a testimony of faith and vulnerability, or just making music, performing, and doing the “music thing,” or solely advocating for holistic health and wellness, I have combined all three into a powerfully unique business ministry. By applying a message to music and movement, I am able to bring light to entertainment, courage to move forward, guidance to follow, truth to depend on, and vulnerability to vibrance - body, soul, and spirit.

Who is Vulnerably Vibrant for?

  • Anyone interested in self-improvement - body, soul, spirit.
  • Anyone who is vulnerable and in need of healing and freedom.
  • Anyone looking for safe and positive entertainment and community.
  • All the go-getters and dream chasers.