Alexa Kriss


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Want to parter with Alexa Kriss? Alexa is always looking to expand her professional team within and outside of the music industry to realize goals that would not be possible without you on her side.

In a Product & Service Exchange, Alexa provides concerts, merchandise, and promotion to you or your company at discounted rates in exchange for your negotiated services, products, and promotion upon agreement. Don't have a service or product to exchange, don't worry. You can still be a part of the AK team and make a huge impact by becoming a Financial Support & Donation Partner. This partnership is often in the form of money but can also be granted in the form of services or products such as, hair appointments, music equipment, promotional services, or merchandise creation or any other businesses opportunities that don't benefit directly from what I can offer but still have a passion for helping the independent artist. You'll even be listed as a Platinum Partner on our Precious Metal Partnerships page!

Got a partnership idea? Let's work together. Just because we don't belong to the same company doesn't mean we can't be on the same team!

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Precious Metal Partner Ranks

Palladium: $10+

Osmium: $25+

Ruthenium: $50+

Rhodium: $100+

Silver: $1,000+

Gold: $2,000+

Platinum: Product & Service Exchange Parter or Financial Support & Donation Partner (longterm partners)