Why Your Mindset to Moving Can Have so Much Meaning

Wake up. Get ready. Squeeze in a devotional reading on the Bible App while I eat breakfast. Go to work. Take care of kids. Clean the house. Do the laundry. Mow the yard. Feed the dog. And if I'm lucky - workout. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day. Its true. Life is busy! And working out often finds itself at the bottom of the To Do List. 

But it's Important


The problem is, we all know the importance of working out. We are machines built to move. But our mindset and busy schedules tend to make it difficult to incorporate and enjoy regular movement in our daily lives. Even as an exercise and wellness professional, I have found myself to struggle with this before. And it seemed, the more I knew, the more guilty I felt about not working out and moving my body. 

The Mindset of Moving the Body

This is because the world tells us working out is is something we should do.  But should is such a brutal word. A word that tends to invoke guilt and failure. And working out, or the lack of it, is never meant to do that! Movement is all about mindset. When we choose to look at moving our bodies as something we get to do, any dread, irritation, and unrealistic expectation of working out actually turns to joy.  It is then that our workouts can truly become worship. How cool is that!

Working Out as Worship is Powerful

I am passionate about overall wellness. And for me, part of that includes worship and working out - even when it feels like I'm barely squeezing it in. So when I began combining the two, which happens to also usually include music, my life was reenergized. I discovered it was a powerful tool to help change my mindset, to heal and grow, and hear from God. And not that it's all about lists, but it is nice to be able to do two things at the same time.

Working out as worship allows me to further serve others as I continue to fill my life with positive and empowering movement. And because of all this, I am thrilled to be a part of Revelation Wellness - more on that in the next post - and to be able to serve the community through the message of God's word and movement of the body. 

So Let's Move

Let me know If you are interested in learning how your workouts can be worship. And if you already do this, please share your experience. We would love to hear!