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3 Kinds of People the Vulnerably Vibrant Community is For

A featherless baby bird, barely able to raise its tiny pink head, chirps as it awaits its next meal from mom. If you've ever seen a nestling of naked chicks, you know they are the ultimate representation of vulnerable. Now take a fledgling. A youngster just out of the nest. Still working on those flying skills, he stays close to mom for care and spends most of his time hopping around practicing life. A little less, but I would still say pretty vulnerable. Now look at momma bird. Fearlessly and faithfully caring for her helpless chicks, flying through the sky, finding food, staying with her flock, seemingly not a care in the world. 

Last post I wrote about the meaning of Vulnerably Vibrant - about the lamb and the wolves and the mighty Protector. And about the importance of being armed with vulnerability. But knowing all of that, it can still be quite intimidating to do without a family, a flock, a community. 

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