I Can't Sing Like Celine Dion and The Reason It Doesn't Matter - Even Though it'd be Cool

Remember when that special someone in high school sent you a sappy love song because they "couldn't have said it better"? Your emotions seemed to have been summed up perfectly in the lyrics of the music, as if the song was created specifically for you - for that purpose. In a way, it kind of was.

A few days ago I shared a link to a message by Bob Kauflin about the purpose of singing and music. And so now I'd like to share a little bit about what it means to me and the roll music plays in Vulnerably Vibrant. 

Music Moves Us

As a singer songwriter performing for over 10 years, I've had the honor of seeing first hand the way music can move people. Move people physically to clap their hands or to get up and dance. Move people emotionally to tears or to laughter. And move people spiritually to worship, to sing praise, and to even meet their Savior. Music has a way of moving us. A way of engaging us emotionally with words. A way of expressing our deepest feelings of love, grief, our needs, and desires. A way of bringing us together around a central message and taking us back to meaningful experiences and memories. 

To Sing Like Celine Dion


I'm not the most amazing musician. I don't have an endless catalog of written songs. I'm not good at living a typical artist lifestyle. I constantly battle vocal nodules and fears on stage. I can't play fancy licks on the guitar and I only dream of having a voice like Celine Dion and Freddy Mercury. 

But, I Have Passion

But, I do have passion. A passion to share my story - a freedom story - through music. A unique gift that I've been given and has allowed me to do so many wonderful things in my own music career. And I truly believe all that I have done, the people I've met, the experiences I've had, and lessons I've learned by making music throughout the years has prepared me for doing just that. Because if music has the power to take you back to high school - I bet you still remember all the lyrics to "your song" - It has the power to do so much more. 

To serve others with music from the soul - with vulnerability and vibrance.

Share A Song!

Let's have fun with this one! Name a special song and share a memory it takes you back to in the comments below. 

Alexa Kriss