How Vulnerably Vibrant Fits With Revelation Wellness®

Slim is sexy, they say. Get a better body. Be addicted to the gym. Eat fad diets. Do beach body workouts. And envy half-dressed people with 6-pack abs. All in the name of what? Health? Status? Image? 

Picture Of Health

The heath and fitness world can be such a confusing place. Even the most well intentioned people can influence and be influenced in harmful ways. It's not a light matter and it must be navigated with great care. Our health and fitness is extremely personal, but our society has increasingly made it more public. Anymore social media anyone to place themselves as an expert in the industry if they want to. And through all the magazines, TV shows, celebrities, and even music, pop culture fitness tends to paint a perfect picture of health, yet it sends a strong message of image - what it's suppose to look like. what it supposed to feels like. what health and fitness is supposed to be like. 

But you Are an Individual. Not an Exact Copy. Thank Goodness!

We, as humans, just want to fit in. To be loved and accepted. So we buy the lies, and desperately try to make ourselves exact copies of society's picture of health and fitness. The bad news is it simply can't be done. The good news - it's not supposed to. 

Vulnerably Vibrant and Revelation Wellness®

That is why I am so excited to go through Revelation Wellness® training. To bring holistic wellness to health and fitness, and ultimately serve the community through movement - in a positive light, the way it was designed to be. As Alisa Keeton, the founder and CEO of Revelation Wellness® says, "we desired to breathe fresh hope into the fitness world and provide a new way for people to meet together and grow in love for God and for one another."

I encourage you to visit the Revelation Wellness® website to read more about the call for movement that has been placed on my heart AND watch this awesome RevWell video. 

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Movement of the Body

Revelation Wellness® is the perfect compliment to the Vulnerably Vibrant mission - serving others through the message of God's Word, music from the soul, and movement of the body. Bringing this training back to the community is a huge physical, spiritual, and financial investment. But I believe in the cause and that it is an important step in serving through movement. 

Movement is About Wellness and Freedom

Health and fitness is not about looking a certain way. Its not about wearing certain clothing - or wearing little clothing. Its not about fitting the picture portrayed, or fitting in at all. It's about what's happening on the inside, not the outside. It's about wellness and healing. About peace, and growth, and individuality, and joy. It's about worship and freedom and setting people free.

What does health and fitness mean to you? Share in the comments below. 

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