A Dream: More Than the Weird Things You See in Your Sleep

Have you ever had a dream? Not the kind of dream you have in your sleep where you do weird things like forget to put your pants on before school or realize your on a date with the wrong guy. But a dream that's always there. A vision. A picture-like movie vividly in your mind. A message. 

A Dream

I believe we all have this kind of dream - a message to send us on a journey to fulfill our purpose. And once it's been discovered, it's the only thing you want to do. The only thing your meant to do. Or at least that's how its been for me.

By now, I have written several blogs explaining what Vulnerably Vibrant is, who it is for, and how movement and Revelation Wellness® plays an important role in our ministry. But I think it is time to share a little more about who I am - my story and dream for the Vulnerably Vibrant message.

Who is Alexa Kriss

I am a singer songwriter, a wellness professional, a child of the most high King and I am passionate about all three.


Most of you probably know me from music. That's why I am here. I have sung professionally for over 10 years and it's brought many amazing opportunities from performing on national television (let me know if you want to see that), touring the nation, working and recording with the best in the business, and getting to know absolutely outstanding people - like my husband, Max and his family - just to name a few.


I graduated from the University of Nebraska Kearney with a degree in Exercise Science Wellness and Nutrition. I developed a passion and awareness for holistic wellness young, as I navigated an experience through high school that shaped my education path and lead to an invitation to sprint for the University's varsity track team. Go Lopers! That whole story is blog of its own, but I can safely argue that track - and consequently movement - has shaped me more and is one of the most influential things of my life. 


So what about this dream? What's the message? Simply put - its my faith story. My testimony of God's transforming hand in my life.

You see, despite my intentional efforts to live well - overuse of my body caused a nagging knee injury which ended up bringing my track days to an early end. Incorrect use of my voice caused the dreaded development of vocal nodules and polyps and a fear that they might do the same to my music. Past wounds and corruptive thinking, well, they caused a daily struggle with anxiety. All of which is a complicated battle to this day. 

The Powerful Message

But the message is simple. Though I am weak, my Father is strong. He says "I am enough." And so I surrender and answer the call. And I discovered that my injuries, my wounds, my struggles, those things that make me most vulnerable - through grace - is what makes me most vibrant. 

And that is the dream. The message I am called to share. 

Partner with me by supporting Vulnerably Vibrant and sharing the message. What's your faith story? Tell us how you've experienced being vulnerably vibrant in the comments below.