3 Things to Know About the Vulnerably Vibrant Vision

Where are we going? What is our plan? How does it work? What will it all look like - what's the vision?

These are all great questions. Important questions, and questions I continue to search for clarity and direction on everyday. But I do know that my vision for Vulnerably Vibrant is to build a supportive community of people inspiring others to live armed with vulnerability and alive with vibrance. 

1. Where are we going? 

The Vulnerably Vibrant message and our community is going big places - and small places. It's going into cities and towns. Into schools, and businesses, and churches. and into the lives of people. Our message is going to build up hearts that are broken and break down walls that need wrecking. 

2. What's our plan?

Vulnerably Vibrant plans to share our faith stories through speaking, and singing, and moving - together! I plan to empower people with God's word. I plan to grow and multiply the community and to do life with each other.  I plan to have a regular Facebook Live show, start a podcast, write a blog, and begin a Vulnerably Vibrant show on Youtube. I plan to create more and partner with other businesses and ministries to offer you really cool items, information, music, movement plans, and more. 

3. How does it work?

To get things started I will start by speaking and singing for live events (aka Keynote Concerts), spreading the Vulnerably Vibrant message through music. I will also be teaching Revelation Wellness classes online and in the community, spreading the message through movement. To Begin, our community of vibrant people will be located primarily online through social media and an exclusive access page on the website. But eventually I hope to bring events and retreats to you so we can meet up and get to know each other in person too!

So that's what the Vulnerably Vibrant vision is for now - and I look forward to seeing all the places it takes us in the future. Thank you for joining the cause and helping make the vision reality. 

What are you most pumped for?

Please share what you are most excited for about Vulnerably Vibrant in the comments below? New Youtube videos? Live events? Music? Movement? Community? Your input is so helpful in making this the best and most impactful experience possible!

Alexa Kriss